hey guys! im really sorry about the lack of updates recently. ive been swamped with work and school work, not to mention my free time has been going into con preparations. 

luckily, after this coming week, free time should start to be more available, and you can look forward to that event i promised.

on a side note, if any of my followers are going to tekkoshocon, tell me! itd be cool to meet some of you.

1k+ event update number 2!

so far the most i’ve seen suggested is a bloodswap event! that, or older aradia. i’ve also been toying with the idea of doing another form of aradia, such as dead, robot, or maybe even sprite! 

so let’s do it like this, followers! c: 

out of these, which would you like me to do? 

older aradia/beforus 


form swap (dead, robot, sprite, ect) 

after this is decided, i’ll go ahead and do a separate voting for the bottom two!

thank you all so much! im excited for what you pick!

status update on the 1k+ event

so far i’ve only gotten about one suggestion which was genderbent aradia and normal aradia answering questions

i would really like to do a vote on this sort of thing, so please, send in your suggestions!

what do you guys wanna see from me?





no 2eriiou2ly though ju2t a bandaiid twwo covver iit up, iit2 fiine ju2t ugly.


they even have cute dinosaur print!
i have so many of these lying around 

there you go!
it looks better already

Geez Louise!!! You're HumanGhost Aradia Was Super Cool!! I Think You Should Make An Askblog/Rp Blog On It And If Not Do You Think You Ever Will Do The Vent Again?

Thank you so much! It was an AU idea I had a while back that I really wanted to expand upon. I already have two RP blogs (one Aradia, one Maizono from Dangan Ronpa) and this askblog, so I don’t think it’ll have a separate blog, but I am definitely going to bring it back in it’s own event week sometime soon. 

This month I am going to be a little busy, but I’ll see what I can do! 


thank you tavros!
i would totally consider a corpse party if gamzee did not take all of the bodies before i could properly incinerate them in the sun…

thank you for 1,000+ followers!

i finally broke the big 1k last night and im very happy you guys enjoy this blog that much!

im going to do another week long event just for the occasion, but the thing is i want it to be an event that you guys specifically would want to see due to the fact this event is for thanking all of you!

so go on and submit some ideas!
it can range from different forms of aradia, au ideas, bloodswaps, genderbending, crossovers, ect. 

what would you like to see?

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ehehe sollux
you are the biggest nerd i have ever met in my life!

(so smooth)